Overcome self-doubt? In this article, I’ll share 5 strategies with you.

Do you know this? When you ponder forever after a decision if it was the right one?

Especially when it comes to something as important as getting off your hamster wheel and doing your own thing, the first thing on your mind is always: What happens if I fail?

Because there’s a lot at stake.

The sad thing about constant doubts is that they unfortunately all too often turn out to be true. Namely because you have attracted the negative development with your way of thinking quasi magnetically.

One thing is clear: You can actively fight against your self-doubt. With the right attitude, you will not only develop better skills when it comes to making decisions, but your self-confidence will build up step by step and your insecurity will subside.

Just try these small steps to put your inner critic in his place and get rid of your self-doubt through more self-confidence. Here is a small list to answer your question “What to do about self-doubt?”


Criticism – one of the most common causes of self


Criticism: no matter what you’re up to in life, there’s no getting

around it.

Whether you’re an author, artist, designer, chef, manager, it doesn’t matter. No matter what career path you have chosen, there will always be criticism. So the ability to take criticism is an important skill.

If your critical faculties are still lacking or if you are someone who is easily offended by criticism, it can severely limit your career and your ability to develop as a person.

When we are upset by something, we often tend to react and frequently overreact.

You can handle negative feedback much better if you can do one thing: first take a deep breath and then think about what was said.

In other words, press pause and don’t react immediately. Mindfulness and awareness of what is happening is an important factor here.

When you realize that you are being criticized and are observing yourself in your mind, you gain distance from the situation, distance from the criticism and distance from your emotions. Gaining distance creates the best basis for more critical faculties.

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Dealing with criticism: Negative feedback does not hurt. It benefits.

Think of a moment in your life when someone criticized something you did and the effect that negative feedback had on you. Maybe the criticism came at the wrong time, maybe you were having a bad day before and it really hit you hard.

You probably said something to yourself like, “Why would someone say that? That’s just mean.”

You may have even held that thought inside, developing negative feelings or getting angry.

You may not have noticed that the way you react to criticism ( i.e., how your critical faculties are) can change your life for the better, but also for the worse, and even influence the people around you.

Here’s a thought on how you can better manage

t handle criticism:

If you allow negative feedback to make you angry, over time you’ll become a person who can’t handle criticism at all, and who can easily be negatively influenced from the outside


Not good at all. And it won’t help the people around you either. If you allow this to happen, you will only sow more negativity. Not good at all.

Again, the pause button mentioned above in conjunction with mindfulness of the moment will help you.

So you can use this very moment when you are experiencing criticism and tell yourself that you are drawing power from the negative criticism to initiate positive change in your life. So being able to criticize is power.

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rid of self-doubt: What Criticism Can Do for You

When you keep an open mind, negative feedback has the power to positively impact you in many areas of life, even those you hadn’t even thought about. Criticism can make you smarter, stronger, more patient, more satisfied, more relaxed, and most importantly, more successful.

Criticism can grow social skills in you, it can help you gain new perspectives in your job or business and make you a much happier and also more mindful person overall.

But the best thing about criticism is that it can bring new ideas and people together. It can even change the course of history.

Think of people like Steve Jobs . What would have happened if he hadn’t taken the criticism of his first Macintosh, the iPod, or the single button from the iPhone as an opportunity to get better. If he hadn’t turned the negative energy into motivation with the help of his enthusiasm.

Sometimes negative feedback can be the key that opens our eyes to injustice. The key opens the door to new ways of doing things and in many different areas.

Criticism is not only negative. Watch the video and you realize how much praise can be in there too:

How do you think art movements like impressionism, surrealism, and modernism have evolved? How new technological developments happened? Do you think these people were surrounded only by positive feedback and praise? Of course not!

But look at what they still managed to do, how many lives they influenced!

Especially the very successful people have always had to put up with a lot . The difference with them is: they do not sail against the wind. They use the wind to set a new, faster course.


next time criticism comes your way, realize that the person you are talking to is making a very unfortunate comparison and let your inner moderator say to you


Oh, that’s criticism. I’m as cool as Steve Jobs. I’m misunderstood, too. Thanks for your opinion, dear interlocutor, but I’ll move on to what’s important to me.



Overcoming self-doubt – The 5 strategies:

Hit the pause button.

This is one of the most important skills in all areas of life. Pause for a moment and check the situation.

Reflect on where the self-doubt comes from and what events in the past trigger it. Because self-doubt simply comes from the fact that you have failed at something and you think that it just repeats itself over and over again.

Are you good at putting yourself down? Maybe you’re just subconsciously repeating a negative mantra that keeps you from taking a step forward and keeps the self-doubt inside you blazing like a bonfire that shouldn’t go out overnight.

Negative beliefs like “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good enough” are always haunting your mind?

The next time these phrases come up in you, ask yourself the simple question:

“Is this true what I’m thinking right now? Is this really true or am I just believing it?”

And then simply begin to outsmart yourself by rewording these negative beliefs into positive ones. Now, you’re going to think to yourself, “That’s not going to work so easily….

First of all, this is true if you have been thinking this from the beginning and secondly, this thought is not true at the beginning, just like the false and negative beliefs that are in your head at the moment.

So if both beliefs (the positive and the negative) are not true at the moment, why not just choose the positive ones?

Be kind to yourself

Whenever we feel insecure, we are a little angry with ourselves at the same time.

After all, it shows you that you can’t do something, are insecure about something, or that your perfectionism can’t be implemented.

But this strategy doesn’t help. Rather the opposite. If you are angry with yourself, you become even more dissatisfied and the self-doubt starts to increase.

You start a vicious circle for yourself, where it becomes more and more difficult to get out.

The fact that you make mistakes, are insecure or can’t do something yet doesn’t make you a bad person.

It just makes you a human being.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself all those little and big flaws.

Start from the fact that you want to get better anyway and you will get better. Just reading this article now proves that you are interested in change and your personal development.

So be patient and take your time to get better. Not being able to do and do everything perfectly right away is a fact.

Just as the sun rises in the morning and things fall to the ground because of gravity, it is a fact that you and I are not good at everything.

But can become good at many things. If you have patience.

And love yourself.

Make a list.

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.

Connect everything you doubt, all thoughts, where insecurity spreads.

On the right, write out all the facts that can theoretically disprove these doubts. It doesn’t even have to be really and truly refuted. It is enough if you

hst that there are ways to see the whole thing differently.

For example, now you want to get out of your white-collar job and become your own boss. You think to yourself “No idea how to do that. Never done it before.”, then on the right side you can list all the things you’ve already managed to do in your life without really having a plan.

You will be surprised how many positive arguments you will find. If the positive side still falls short, think about all your talents and abilities. Maybe even ask your partner and friends about you and your skills.

Write a letter to yourself.

Write a letter to yourself. In it, describe in as much detail as possible all of your positive qualities and all of the experiences where you came out on top in new challenges and hurdles.

Feel free to be effusive and don’t spare the self-praise. It’s fun, believe me. And it motivates you immensely. It shows you how good you already are at many things in life and what’s already in your wisdom account.

Writing to yourself may sound a bit strange at first, but you will soon realize what it brings you.

Many unclear thoughts will take shape, many things that were not clear until now will become clear and many things that you have not thought about until now will emerge as a positive ability.

Bathe quietly a little in self-praise. Nobody will know about it. Don’t forget to keep this letter in a nice folder or something similar and read it regularly.

Make a compliments journal.

Pay attention to all the positive things other people say to you and write them down. Along with the info on who said the compliment, of course. This is a perfect complement to the letter to yourself.

When self-doubt plagues you, it’s very easy to forget about these many things. All the good opinions other people have of you.

Collect all the emails, write down verbal compliments, praise, greeting cards and co. Also write down all the “pats on the back”, hugs and congratulations.

Many people have many kind things to say about you.

You can then take your directory to hand whenever self-doubt comes knocking again.

A few lines read and your smile will put self-doubt in its place.

Self-doubt can rob you of many opportunities in your life….

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